Our story

Created in Brooklyn, NY in 2014 and manufacturing in our beloved India

lulaland embraces inspiration from all over the world


Winner of the Pirouette Brand to Watch Award at Playtime Paris, with our FW17 collection,

We are a clothing label focused on the values of authenticity & comfort.

We are lovers of textures, colorful fabrics, and playful prints; and we offer sizes from 6m up to 10T.

With a selection of 100% GOTS certified organic fabrics and handpicked prints, influenced by an eclectic mix of European romanticism, folkloric spirits, and Lula’s (the founder and Creative Director) Latin roots,

each collection is carefully curated and has successfully

made it to its 13th season this year!


lulaland collections find home in selected boutiques all around the world.


Our mission statement

* we love and respect nature and our planet

* we love and respect all people, cultures and their nuances

* we are socially, karmically and environmentally conscious

* we love and respect childhood and its magic

* we advocate for women empowerment

* we are thankful and want to give back

* we collaborate with amazing people from around the globe

* we are working on creating a GLOBAL VILLAGE

Hope you enjoy our world!

 if you would like to contact us, or want to carry our brand, please write us to



About the designer & creative director…

Lula Aldunate is a visual composer, artist and designer

from Buenos Aires, Argentina

In early 2000's she started her career as a visual stylist, she traveled and lived in Spain and Italy where she adopted big part of her unique aesthetic’s sensibility.

With studies in Marketing, Business Administration, Graphic and Interior Design, Lula began to create visual experiences and products with an authentic mix of traditional European charm and Latin American spirit.

She started her career as a visual stylist working for magazines in Argentina, like Para Ti Deco, Elle and Elle Decoracion.

Lula moved to New York in 2008 to pursue more of her creative dreams, and where she started her own company, lulaland.

The commence of her company offered services as party-styling, interiors styling and set design. All works that earned being published in international printed publications and renowned blogs.

In 2012, she co- founded Allegria Boutique, a whimsical children’s store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Through the adventure of being immersed in the children's world every day for two years, Lula began creating little clothes…

lulaland presented its first collection on the Fall of 2014




Paul et Paula


Doolittle Mag