It's time to say GOOD BYE...

It's time to say GOOD BYE...

Dear friends, I have some news…
you might have noticed that there has been very little activity
in our shop in the last couple of months… 

The past crazy years had been so challenging, unstable and
so unsupportive for small companies and artists..

The changes in our world, the markets, the general economic realm,

 had made it almost impossible for me, Lula,
and for my tiny beloved brand, lulaland,
to continue to be present, competitive,
to stay afloat, to have the financial (and energetic)
stability needed to  give you what I envisioned,
to communicate what I always wanted
the brand to say, to be relevant...

I feel I have no more choices... 
it is time for a change, for lulaland to take a new direction

I decided to take a break with the clothing brand and give me
some time to refocus, take care of things,
reconnect with my creativity
and look for new ways for lulaland to exist,

lulaland was originally "my world" and it will always be!

the new path is still being created, it is slowly taking shape…
but it is time anyways to make a move, and with the SPRING
(our favorite season!!!), & the new astrological year 
(and era!) commencing these days,
it feels like the perfect time to make it "official",

it is so difficult sometimes to let go…!!
to understand the "signs", to figure out what it is best for us…
I am a believer, a hopeful being! I was (and still am) so convieced, in my heart,
that what I created all these years
(last month was our 9th anniversary! can you belive it?!)
this beauuutiful, authentic, whimsical clothing brand, 
full of color, life and love, was enough, and 
that working on it and giving it time, things would get better...
because I was doing and giving it all with my soul,

I feel sad. My heart is aching...
But I also feel hopeful,
 for a new beginning, and all it will bring,

So I don’t want to say good bye for ever, just for now, just for a moment,
 as I will keep creating and telling you about it here
(and on IG and the website)
as the new vision of lulaland comes through… 

Hope you want to share the ride with me,

I loved creating clothes, the brand,
and all involved in bringing everything to life for
YOU and your CHILDREN, 

THANK YOU for being there,
I mentioned it many times and here it goes again:
you made my dream come true!

Sending you

Our available stock from past collections will be online
for a couple more months (until May!)
after that, I will take it down from the shop, so please
(and here comes the cry out =)
if you love lulaland,
you would like to support
(much appreciated!) this phase of the journey &
would like to get some of our precious clothes
for the last time:


new markdowns just published!
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