lulaland No.15 Mirage- Girl sitting on a vintage chair wearing a long flower dress

Some thoughts on the "rush" of the world today...

Dear friends,

It's time for a new season,
we are sooo happy to have been able to create
another super cute collection!
We can't wait to show it to you...

I wanted to share some thoughts with you,
as we are showing SS22 (for retailers) and launching our FW21/ No.15 MIRAGE collection a little "late" this season (the plan is end of August!! stay tuned!)

While the world seams ready to move on
& rushes back to things as "normal",
it is not the same for us all...

We at lulaland, felt the need take a moment to look 
at what is happening around us, what has changed... what is left...
to reconstruct our personal lives and our small business
even more mindful, more conscious...

lulaland is a small, curated, boutique brand,
this past year and a half had impacted all of us,
each in a different way, personally and as a small team/ brand,
the shake of it has yet to leave our souls...

Beyond lulaland, that is so important for us, there is also our LIFE
& we want to take the time to feel the processes,
respect the needed time of healing.
We do not want to be forced to move at the crazy speed
of most of the big brands and companies
(that unfortunately set the commercial time frames of us all)
without awareness. And that, for us, means doing things a little slower...

I understand the need to try to move on, fast to
our usual lives, "forget" everything that happened...
we tend to do that as humans, right? that's our survival instinct, and it is ok for some.
But the truth is, I feel, there is still so much going on, and we 
as a very personal company, cannot close our eyes to it...

we want to move at the pace of our inner clocks,
feeling it all, healing, and loving what we do
now more than ever.

Most important,
I also believe that we have the power to make our dreams come true!!

That is why we are here, hopeful and strong,
believing, creating
and soon sharing our new collection with you!!

I will be sharing images with you soon!!

With lots of love,
lula & lulaland team


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