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News! Reach for the stars!

The end of another year is here...

This time of the year is so special for many of us!! Personally, as we get to spend cherished times with our loved ones, some might even travel to have adventures and fun unusual days!

It is also a big time for small companies (I decided I won't call my lulaland a busy-ness anymore! ;).

After the (almost 3!) most challenging years, for many of us (we all have experienced it differently but, oh!, so challenging for all) it could be a "make it or break it" time for some...

We often hear about how important (ant the "dance a little dance" cute story =) every purchase it for us (the small brand, the designers, the artists!), and after all the uncertainty we have been going through lately, even more...!

What it my point you may ask...?

Well, to start: Thank you!
For your support, for your purchases, your pictures and all the messages that you send my way to tell me how much you like the clothes, how much your child loves it, how much they appreciate the little embroidered heart! (my heart!) 

It all really make my day, and give me strength to keep going,
For a long time now, I've been wanting to share more about my lulaland journey  with you, like this, in more "one on one" writing, tell you about the good times and the bad times...
The truth is that lulaland is mostly me, Lula
I do not have a team of people behind me (I do have wonderful amazing friends that are my angels and help me you don't know how much!!! wink wink Tani&family & our wonderful collaborators in India that make our clothes with so much love),
but in the daily reality of lulaland it is just me,
hence, whatever happens to me it is most likely reflected in some way in the brand...
Hope you don't mind me sharing more than just pretty (so pretty!!!) pictures and clothes... (I hope you even actually like it!) 

I want to connect with you more deeply, and make these shared stories, part of what you experience in lulaland.

For example... you might have noticed we haven't had new styles in a while...

And although the collections are designed to be work for a long time and be wearable through seasons, not trendy or anything that limit their wearability... I love offering (and creating!!!!) new pieces for you and your kids.
I (personally) and lulaland as a small company, have been going through some changes & experiences these past years... separated from my partner (in life and work), moved a million times (a few cities and even countries!), went through personal emotional processes that were challenges due to the state of the world at large...

and all that had made it kind of challenging to make new collections for you...

sadly I keep seeing wonderful brands and stores closing and know what they are going through!!! and work every day even harder and more consciously in making everything possible to avoid the same path...

what a time to be an entrepreneur!!!!
So now.... yes NOW! Seeing the light at the other side (not the end! there is no end!) of the tunnel, is time to reconnect with HOPE, ENVISION and MANIFEST new ways of doing things and necessary changes in my life and at lulaland,
(I'll share more on this as I have clarity and make some moves...)

all this to say:
that I am still here, & so is lulaland =)

Happy beginning of 2023
Lots of LOVE,


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