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A little message (& a gift)

lulaland flower printable free download

Dear Friends,

How are you?
How are these new days going for you? how is your family?

at lulaland, like most small companies,
we are trying to figure out how to "adapt" and stay in business...
and, personally, I am embracing the unknown changes that are coming...
with an open heart & faith

We'll see how our "new normal" is in the future,
the situation the world is in right now is a big topic to talk about...
it is uncertain and worrying,
but I prefer not to touch those areas with you today...
I want to send light & love to all of you who are suffering...

In this longer than ever message, I just wanted to ask you for a little favor...

Your support means everything to us always, and more these days...

I know shopping beautiful clothing for your children
is not a priority right now, as you are juggling with new schedules, home schooling,
playing, working from home, cooking...
and all the new emotions 💫

So, maybe not now...but
if you are planning on it at some point,
to make you or your child feel better, to send a gift to a friend
or a family member‘s birthday in the distance
(or just because you feel you want to support
small business like ours ✨🙌🏻✨)

please, remember lulaland is here! 😊✨

we just launched our new Summer collection, also have many styles on SALE,
we are offering Free shipping in all orders in the US on our SHOP,
and answering any questions you may have about fabrics,
sizes & measurements and even helping you suggesting outfits!

Oh! I also wanted to send your a little gift!

As everyone is looking for things to do with their kids,
I am creating a series of line drawings,
based on collages I did with vintage flowered fabrics sometime ago, 
and making FREE coloring printables to download & share with you!

(you can also find them here on our website!)
and I will share more with you in the next days,

Hope you like them and to help you a little
giving you and your family an art project to have fun with.

Above is a picture of the original artwork for your inspiration!

*If you want to share what your kids create, I would love to see it!
Please send us an email or share on IG tagging us @lulalandatelier
or using #lulalandflowers or #createwithlulaland

Thank you thank you thank!

Till soon & With much love,

*Stay safe Stay calm Stay home*
& make art!
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